Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of Wisconsin participants for the Class of 2021.

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Elizabeth Field


City: Brookfield

College Preference: University of Notre Dame

Career Goals: Medicine

Talent: Violin (Symphonie Espagnole, by Édouard Lalo )

Emma Sranske


City: Franklin

College Preference: Arizona State University

Career Goals: Photography and Cinematography

Talent: Tap Dance (While We Are Young, by Mumford & Sons)

Allison Gilmeister


City: Menasha

College Preference: University of California, Berkeley

Career Goals: Environmental Conservation

Talent: Unicycling (Celeste, by Ezra Vine)

Veronica Goveas

Menomonee Falls

City: Menomonee Falls

College Preference: Duke University

Career Goals: Physician-Researcher

Talent: Indian Semi-Classical Dance (Despacito Indian Fusion, by Kumar Sharma and Svetlana Tulasi)

Camille Valadez


City: Milwaukee

College Preference: Montana State University

Career Goals: Physical Therapy

Talent: Vocal (Ending Chapter, New Era , by Camille Valadez (me) )

Sara Lesniewski

Milwaukee County

City: Milwaukee

College Preference: University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Career Goals: Radiation Therapist

Talent: Dramatic Monologue (Forgetful Fairy Godmother, by )

Sophia Azim

Oak Creek

City: Oak Creek

College Preference: Columbia University in New York

Career Goals: Neuropsychologist

Talent: Piano (Mere Naam Tu (Bollywood Song from the movie "Zero", by Abhay Jodhpurkar)

Kirsten Cutler


City: Pewaukee

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals:

Talent: Singing (Beautifully Brave, by Carole King and Sara Bareilles)

Ella Kleefisch


City: Sullivan

College Preference: University of Central Florida

Career Goals: Psychologist or Actress

Talent: Musical Theatre Vocal (Think of Me, by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

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